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Hello, and welcome to my homepage! Within these documents you'll find a wealth of information, examples, and how-tos covering various aspects of software and hardware development. Any code examples, tutorials that include code, or published libraries within this site will be licensed under the LGPL (unless stated otherwise), which means that you're free to use them either in free or commercial software, provided that you credit me in your program!

If you have not already, please familiarise yourself with LGPL and its implications: LGPL license

What You'll Find

Over time, I've written a number of tutorials and examples in order to better illustrate concepts to people who are studying computer science. You'll find a variety of articles categorized as follows:

You might notice that some of these links seem incomplete. "Very astute" I say. You may ask "When are you going to post more information?" "When I get around to it" I'll say. I don't mean to be rude, but this whole site is always a construction zone, so check back often!

About Me

Oh you wish to know something about me? Well I'm flattered! You can read about me if you wish. Of course you may always view my LinkedIn profile: My Profile

Shameless Plug:

Are you a CS student who is struggling with learning C, Java, or Perl? Have you been copying examples from the book without understanding what those snippets do? Does programming frustrate you to no end? If you are any one of these three people drop me a line! I tutor people for the excellent rate of $0 per hour. Contact me for more information!

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